Becca Schlaff graduated with a BFA in Art Education from Michigan State University with a specialization in Painting.  Her style of painting brings the awe of the natural world to fishing enthusiasts and art collectors alike.  Many admirers of her work often remark how it provides both the sense of seeing the fish itself and also the experience of being out on the water.  

Becca grew up in Pinckney, MI surrounded by rivers, lakes, and fields…endless playgrounds for her imagination which still hold true today no matter where she is on the map.  She has exhibited in juried art shows across Michigan and Florida, and her work is held in private collections in the United States, Canada, England, and Sweden.  She has been featured in MidCurrent, American Angler, and Fly Rod & Reel magazine and published in “International Contemporary Artists” Vol VII.  

Artist Statement

 I use the remarkable beauty of fish to create abstract, bold, and elegant works of art. I find the colors and patterns of fish to be so striking, and when combined with looking at them in their environments (like water rushing over their scales or the sun filtering through their fins) I discovered my love of the outdoors is in a way, paralleled with acknowledging the natural beauty of fish patterns.  I sample the methods of expressionistic, impressionistic, and abstract painting techniques to make connections between the line, color, and form created in fish, natural environments, and my own memories of the outdoors- all is connected. 

The goal of my work is to capture the energy felt when admiring any moment of beauty in nature. Those who fish often find the imagery instantly recognizable but even people who do not fish find something spectacular in the work.  This is what intrigues me and fuels my interest to paint fish as a subject.

I first began painting fish as artistic subject only…though it did not take long for me to get a fly rod in hand to pursue fish on my own.  I love it and hope to see you out on the water! 


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  1. Love the print we got from you this weekend. It is already at the framers. I am going to add you site to my blog

  2. Tonja Hall says:

    Becca, we love the portrait you did of our beloved dog King. I can’t wait to tell my friends about your fish pictures and send them the link to your website. You are so talented. Please let me know if you are doing any shows. I would love to attend.

  3. Susan Milbank says:

    Your trout painting stopped me in my tracks at Plymouth’s Art in the Park this past weekend. Like you, I think trout are gorgeous. Unlike you, however, I have no artistic ability whatsoever! Your work is stunning!

  4. Phil Palmeri says:

    Beautiful work Becca!

  5. Tim Hoshimov says:

    Dear Becca, I’m in love with your art! I’m angler from Kola Peninsula, and I see the colors from your art in the nature arond me! Thanx a lot! I wish you great succes… Tim, Russia

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