Abstract Brown Dorsal Wave

Schlaff_DorsalAbstractAbstract Brown Dorsal Wave, 30″ x 40″, see Gallery for details

The main source image I was looking at for this painting was of a brown trout- photographer Stu Hastie graciously allowed me to reference one of his stunning images (below) a moment captured…just pure energy & aggression that resonated with me- while the soft, subtle beauty of the trout spots and golden sunlight playing off the dorsal fin brought a striking color palette against all the ‘whites’ of the water rushing around and reflection.
There was so much movement I was working to convey with this painting.  Also playing on what felt in- or out- of focus…to really bring the viewer in & out of this piece.  It almost ended up like a whirlpool for the eyes!  There are many hidden circles, some you can “see” others, implied.   The spots of the dorsal fin were rendered in more of an ethereal context, to imply the flickering of sunlight while also connecting to greater parts of the whole.  There is an ‘atmospheric’ feeling due to the translucence of the whites and all the layers…it alludes to a place of memory, a place of openness & abstraction where visual interpretation is the only language…in a nutshell: a very emotional place.

It is a must see in person!
Available for viewing at KLK Design and ART Gallery, Walloon Lake, MI.


Stu Hastie source photo
Photo Credit: Stu Hastie, www.secretcreekphotography.com
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