Coming Upon The River- Au Sable River Painting

ComingUponTheRiver_Schlaff Coming Upon The River, 32″ x 72″, oil on canvas

This painting is the result of my residency at Gates Au Sable Lodge during the late summer of 2014.  The goal of my time spent was to soak up as much of the feeling of the Au Sable river as possible, and immerse my soul in the feeling of that place.  To say it was spiritual is an understatement.  With the passage of time what was given to me was an even more layered oil painting than most.  Memory and sound collided to create this piece…it was as if the music of the river controlled my brush, at times simply letting the paint flow.  Wind was in the trees, sunlight dancing through the foliage all the while the sparkling off the water reminded that dancing beneath/in front of/or alongside me I was in a beautiful place. The Au Sable River beckons you toward it with sound and majesty, the trees tease you with their needles and branches.  A childlike anticipation always builds but the wonder never disappoints.  Wherever the clearing may be, once the weight of the world is behind you, and you feel it before you even see it, it is then you are Coming Upon The River.

Limited Edition Giclees are available HERE

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