Raw Steel, (Ghost)

Raw Steel_Schlaff650Raw Steel, (Ghost).  24″ x 36″, oil on canvas, SOLD.

This painting is ELECTRIC!  Many, many thanks to accomplished angler Dan Operhall for sending me a source photo (see below)- the colors of the steelhead he captured in his photograph are just phenomenal.  This intensity of color palette against the white snow is what I wanted to capture in this painting.  What was interesting as I began working on this piece was as I selected corresponding colors to match the fish I almost kept losing the ‘rush’ and excitement of seeing the picture.  You can’t copy perfection, but by gosh it is my job to try to capture the feeling of it!  So I went back to my color choices and played with the concepts of essence and inversion.   Also a combination of static and loose marks created enough friction to hold the painting together…a visual tension of color and form.     PRINTS are available: Matted Photo Print or Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas.

DanOperhall facebook pic

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